Artists are nomads as the saying goes...
Anuragk hails from a illustrious family of Bengal. His ancestors migrated to Rajputana and settled in the princely state for few generations.  Inherited rich cultural background and inborn passion of creative expression in form of painting, sculpture and music. All these enhanced during his childhood spent in the Himalayas. Solitude made art his only friend and companion. He spent hours in solitude observing and feeling nature which often reflect in his work . Creativity has no precincts and so does any form of expression. His eclectic taste reflects itself through his artworks and constantly explores new arenas. Anuragk has carved a niche for himself in the artworld through his unique expression of contemporary art. This artist has brought in fresh air into thus far rigid and restrictive concepts in form of art.  Due to his free and unbridled approach, he stands recognised as a 'different artist' by art critics and is expected to produce work that will perhaps herald a new form of what we understand as contemporary art. His works continue to interest and attract art lovers who would appreciate a new and daring approach with no specific medium or rigid rules and tags. This indeed makes him a very different contemporary artist. His artworks are bound to remain a collector's charm and precious possession.

Style: The journey of this surrealist artist finally took a halt on complete authority and freedom to produce piece of art with no external riders; where brush strokes, even as they stand blank seem to convey the mood and message of the artist. It is an expression of thought untold, inspired by wilderness, solitude and serenity and laced with emotions such as passion and compassion.

Anuragk Gupta